What is a Duvet Cover Set and Why Should I Buy One?


If you’re shopping for bedding, you may be wondering: what is a “duvet cover set”? Before understanding what a duvet “cover set” is, let’s be sure we know the definition of a duvet.

“Duvet” is a mid-18th century word with French origins (as you might expect). Literally translated, it means “down.” Wikipedia defines a duvet as “a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, silk, or a synthetic alternative, and typically protected with a removable cover.

Honestly, the term “duvet” is used more in the U.K. and New Zealand, according to Google Trends. In the U.S., we most typically call this bed covering a “comforter.” (In this article, we’ll use “comforter cover” and “duvet cover” interchangeably.)

If a “Duvet” is Simply a Comforter... Then What is a Duvet Cover?


A duvet (A.K.A. “comforter”) is filled with down, feathers, or wool, so washing it can be quite difficult and expensive.

Enter the "duvet cover."

Just as a pillowcase is a fabric casing for a pillow, a duvet cover is a protective, sealable fabric encasement in which you can tuck your duvet to keep it clean, or even to completely change your bedroom decor.

These comforter covers / duvet covers are fastened around the duvet with buttons, zippers, or ties. Duvet covers are beneficial because they can be easily removed from the duvet to be washed or replaced, just as often as sheets.

What is a Duvet Cover Set... and What is Included in it?

A duvet cover set is a set of coordinating bed linens that include not only the duvet cover, but a few other matching pieces -- pillowcases, etc. -- that enhance the decor.

What’s included in the set you choose depends on the size of set you need, as well as the company you purchase it from. There are many options to suit different budgets, needs, and room sizes.

A "basic" 3-piece duvet cover set might include one duvet cover with two matching pillowcases. If you're being fairly budget-conscious, this may be the best option for you.

A more standard option is the 5-piece set, which includes one duvet cover, two pillowcases, and two shams (decorative pillows).

The 7-piece duvet cover set gives your bedroom a more extravagant look. It typically includes one duvet cover, two pillows with removable covers, two shams, and two "euro shams." (Euro shams are small pillows included in the set as additional decorative accessories.) The sham colors and patterns are either a mix-and-match, or in contrast.

A 9-piece duvet cover set is called a "bedding royalty." These include one duvet cover, three pillows (with removable covers), two shams, two euro shams, and a bed skirt. This more elaborate kind of bedding set adds elegance and charm to the aesthetics of a bedroom, reminiscent of a presidential suite in luxury hotels.

Here at Duvet Life, a "duvet cover set" consists of four pieces. In addition to the duvet cover and the pillowcases that 3-piece sets normally include, you’ll also get a flat sheet for around the same price. Shop our 3d bedding sets.

Why Do People Use Duvet Cover Sets?

To change their room decor

Instead of ordering an entirely new comforter set, many people opt to buy a duvet cover set to change the look of their room. Because the duvet cover wraps around the duvet itself, you can change your decor instantly. This is especially true if you purchase a set (rather than just the comforter cover), as the pillowcases and sheet will also match your new design.

To extend the life of comforters losing their filling

Got a comforter that keeps you perfectly warm… but its filling “leaks” out all over your room? This is a frustrating and messy problem to have. Even new comforters often shed feathers, or even strands from their polyester filling.

Enter the duvet cover.

A duvet cover can help protect your skin, your carpet/floor, and your furniture from prickly feathers and annoying filling strands.

To make bedding better fit the seasons

Some duvets are cozy and comfortable… except for the outer fabric. Consider the difference between a satin, cotton, or suede duvet cover.  Surely suede would keep you much warmer than a cotton covering. It’s for this reason that many people choose to switch out their duvet covers to match the seasons, using heavier fabric in colder months, and more lightweight, airy fabric choices when it’s warmer.

Or, do you like flower garden bedding sets in the hotter months, and wild animal bedding sets when it’s colder? If your seasonal decor changes are less about the temperature and more about the “feel” of the room, a comforter cover set is a fantastically easy choice.

To protect precious or delicate comforters

Have a duvet handed down by a treasured loved one? The outer fabric of duvets can become pilled, or even start to wear thin as it ages. A duvet cover allows you to still use the precious hand-me-down while protecting it from further wear.

To keep cleaner bedding

Washing an entire comforter is a chore. They also take a long time to dry! With a duvet cover, you can remove the cover for washing, just as easily as washing sheets. This makes it easier to prepare bedding for guests -- or wash it once they leave. The covers also help protect your duvets from surface stains.

You’ve Learned a Lot About Duvet Cover Sets. Which Type Will You Choose?

Now, you know the many uses and benefits of the duvet or comforter cover set. Hopefully you’re clear on what a “duvet” is (just a comforter), as well as the reasons you might choose to buy a cover set instead of an entirely new comforter.

Please comment below or write us if we can help you understand what type of set is best for your personal needs.

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August 31, 2016 by April Eke