10 Unique Red Rose Bedding Sets at Duvet Life

Red rose bedding sets are extremely popular. With roses being some of the most coveted flowers in America, how can we not want to be surrounded by them in every way?

Red roses command high prices, as they’re often the flower of choice for lovebirds. Around Valentine’s Day, sales of roses soar.

But what about every other day of the year?

Here at Duvet Life, we compiled a list of our most unique and visually striking red rose bedding options to share with our fellow rose lovers. Here we go!

1) 3D Beauty in Red Roses

Marilyn Red Rose Bedding

Are there any Marilyn Monroe fans out there? This popular duvet cover set features Marilyn in her best matching lipstick, behind a cluster of vibrant, fresh red roses. For added mystique, red and gray decorative swirls branch out from the rear, breaking up the deep black backdrop -- and giving you just a few more color options to match with the rest of your room.


2) 3D Red Rose Petals

Petals Rose Bedding Set

This rose bed set reminds us of fall, our favorite season! Unlike many of our other top choices, this duvet cover set features a white background. The contrast between pure white and rose red offers a quite unique, stunning look, while the curled rose petals are relaxing and intriguing.

Did you notice the heart-shaped rose petal near the bottom? No? ;-) These details just add to the intrigue. There are a few scattered throughout this duvet cover for an elegant twist!


3) 3D Red Rose & Piano Keys

Keys Rose Bed Sets

Whether you’re a pianist, a musician, or you simply love to be surrounded by music, this unique and ebullient duvet cover set is for those who like to stand out. Featuring piano keys, treble clefs, and a variety of music notes, this festive rose bedding set will be the talking point of your room, for sure.


4) 3D Leopard in Red Rose Bedding Set

Leopard Red Rose Bedding Set

Determined to garnish your bedroom with roses, but your beau isn’t quite sold on the idea? This one may get him off the fence.

As a happy relationship compromise, the fierce leopard on this set, intermingled with earthy green leaves plus a scattering of red roses speaks well to both the masculine and feminine sides. Who knows? He may finally go for roses in the bedroom if you tell him the leopard reminds you of him!


5) 3D Red Rose Bedding Set

Water Rose Bed Sets

This unique rose bedding set has a variety of visually outstanding imagery that speaks to many different style preferences. With calming water, a brilliant sunset, a wispy heart made of mysterious smoke, and a 3D rose in full bloom, this versatile red rose set really captures and holds your attention.


6) 3D Red Rose at Eiffel Tower Bedding Set

Eiffel Red Rose Bedding Set

Have you ever been to France? Would you like to go? This bold, vibrant bedding set is both stylish and classy. We really like how the black and white contrasts with the large, open red roses. And the asymmetrical positioning of the Eiffel Tower photos just adds to the attraction and uniqueness of this set.


7) 3D Lovers and Red Roses

Lovers Red Rose Bedding

This soothing, elegant bedding set presents us with a beautiful reminder of how love can be. If you prefer your bedroom mostly white, but would still like the vividity of “rose red” somewhere in the room, “3D Lovers and Red Roses” offers an elegant option. With two red roses, one gray rose, and the remaining scene in black and white, this duvet cover set reminds us of something out of a ‘50s movie.


8) 3D Elegant Red Rose Bedding Set

Elegant Rose Bedding Set

Simple, yet arresting, this bedding set features red roses in full bloom, with baby’s breath, on a midnight-black backdrop. The black adds an air of mystery and “edge,” and offers an unusual but welcomed contrast to the softness of the roses. If you like to keep things fairly simple, yet still make a sophisticated statement, this bedding set may be a favorite for you.


9) 3D Roses and Rings

Bands Red Rose Bedding

Are you just married, celebrating an anniversary... or simply filled with love? This wedding band and rose petal duvet cover set is a great idea for a bedroom of two lovebirds. It could make a great gift idea too, when you know the recipients love roses.


10) 3D Red Rose Leopard Print Bedding Set

LeoSpots Rose Bedding Sets

Ever seen golden leaves on a rose? No? We hadn’t either… until now. This is one of our favorites rose bedding sets at Duvet Life.

If you love roses, but aren’t into the syrupy sweetness of much more feminine styles, this set is edgy and bold, yet still classy and chic. We love the unusual mixture of animal print and roses, offset by a regal touch of gold. This is a bed set that speaks to our wilder side, yet denotes class and style.


At Duvet Life, we offer affordable 3D bedding sets for men, women, and children. We have a variety of bedding, featuring celebrities (like Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson), flowers (like 3D roses bedding), wild animals (like black panther or white tiger bedding), and many others.

Please view our inventory now and get FREE shipping on all duvet cover sets.

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