Our Purpose

Duvet Life was born out of my love for bedding. Since I was a young girl I was into bedroom decor. I still have sweet memories of going to the department store with my mom to buy a new bedding set to match the walls we painted the day before. Ever since then my bedroom has been my place to escape and be me. My rooms have had many themes from bright yellow orange walls to calm and collected purple bedding. (All depends on how i feel!) I believe every woman’s bedroom is a reflection of her and should look and feel exactly the way she does. I hope that Duvet Life’s bedding sets can help you create your personal oasis too!



The Designs

Looking for something different? Well you’ve found it. We offer the striking designs and bold colors that you can’t find in stores. Our bedding is actually 3D! They have depth and detail you usually only see in a movie (no glasses needed) We have something for the whole family too! A flower garden for grandma, sports cars for the boy, ponies for the girl, jungle cats for him, and paris for you! If your taste are bold and unique you’ll find it here!


organic cotton duvet life


The Material

Organic Cotton
This duvet cover set is made of 100% environmentally friendly organic cotton. Organic cotton has many benefits: reduces CO2 emissions, uses less water than conventional farming and is toxin free. It is also a hypoallergenic material that even chemically sensitive people can wear without having an allergic reaction. Many parents are starting to buy organic cotton goods to protect their children’s sensitive skin. Not to mention it is known to be softer than conventional cotton! If you are concerned with conserving our environment and the welfare of farm workers organic cotton is the perfect bedding material for you!
Why buy organic cotton?
Pesticide, herbicide, insecticide and GMO free
Softer than conventional cotton
Environmentally Friendly
Reduces cost to farmers

     Bamboo duvet life

    Bamboo Fabric

    Our bamboo fabric duvet cover sets are our braggin’ rights! They are made of the finest bamboo cellulose fiber spun to perfection. This fabric feels great against the skin, it's the perfect combination of soft and smooth. The dye used on these bedding sets is very bold and bright in color. It is guaranteed to be long lasting. After 100 washes the design will still be as beautiful as the the day it arrived at your door! Together the bamboo fabric and dye create a very unique and high quality bedding set.

    Customer Service

    Our goal at Duvet Life is 100% customer satisfaction. We are with you from the beginning to the end of the purchase process. From our easy to navigate website which has over 100 bedding sets and sending up-to-date delivery notification emails right up until your amazing new bedding set arrives at your door!
    Even after that we look forward to your review (even though we are sure you’ll love it!)
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